Sweet "T" is our wonderful 19 year old Paso Fino (born March 11, 1987) whose registered name is Te-Amo de Espinoza. Her handsome, precious (and very LARGE) colt was born at 3:15 a.m. on March 12....under an almost full moon and with all of Sweet "T's" pasture buddies standing a respectful guard around the horse barn as they awaited Little Hee Haw Farm's newest addition whose barn name is Silly Willie "B."


MESSAGE - JULY 11, 2006

Our Wonderful "Chester" (Age: 5)

Thanks to all of you who are still Sweet "T" and Silly Willie "B" fans - we appreciate the heck out of you!  Okay, first a HUGE apology for my being so very slack in doing the updates.  Thanks for all of you who keep in touch and especially my friendly "naggers" who keep reminding me that I am WAY OVERDUE with my updates to this site.  My apologies for letting the busyness of life keep me away for so long. 

Please keep in mind if we don't have the cam on when you want to watch Little Hee Haw Farm, just send us an email ( and include Sweet "T's" name in the subject line) and we will get it up and running for you as quickly as possible.  The main cam we are showing these days is one of our outside cams.  We will soon have one set back up in the aisle of our horse barn where we can bring donkeys or horses inside to "wave" at you up close... if you let us know you're out there that is! 

There is just way too much to say about Willie "B" in this forum, but suffice it to say he is a true treasure to all of us and then some!  He's cute, funny, curious, full of himself, very sweet like his wonderful mom and always entertaining. 

Yes, we have endured our share of nips and a few kicks although the kicks have been far and few between thank goodness...the first really good kick landed smack dab on the side of my bad knee from my 2005 horse wreck...I saw galaxies for a few minutes but then realized how lucky I was that he got that knee because it is used to being swollen and black and blue!  Had he kicked me in a new spot, I would have had to acclimate to a whole brand new pain and that would have been the pits!  He has really gotten so much better at not biting folks, HOWEVER, if you dare turn your so at your own risk because Silly Willie "B" will honor you with a good nip on your you-know-what!  Let's just say we are much more colorful people nowadays than in our pre-Willie "B" days!

Silly Willie "B" and Sweet "T" were kept apart from the main herd of horses and donkeys until about 2 weeks ago.  Up until then they could all "chat" via the fence line so they all knew each other pretty well.  From the get-go, he adjusted well to being with the whole gang of our four other horses and nine donkeys.  Sweet "T" loves the extra "babysitters" who help her sneak in some much needed breaks from her energetic colt.  Our herd leader, Jessie (13 year old Tennessee Walker), has just been awesome with Willie "B".  He absolutely lets him know he is "Da' Big Daddy Boss Man" around Little Hee Haw Farm, but he does so in such a loving and gentle way.  The donkeys and Willie "B" play from time to time, but they usually don't want to put up with his playfulness for too long...I actually thought our seven miniature donkeys would play more with him than they have so far, but that may change with time.   His closest buddy is Velvet, our sweet and beautiful nine year old Tennessee Walker. She is unbelievably awesome with Willie "B" and you'd think she was his Mom the way she protects him, scolds him, cleans him, etc. 

" Miss Velvet" Giving Silly Willie "B" a bath

And finally, Sweet "T"...WOW - what a mom she has been to her baby.  Watching her take care of him has truly been one of the highlights of our lives.  She is doing great, has lost a good bit of her mommy weight and looks wonderful

Okay, that's it for now...will this LOOOOONNNNG rambling update buy me some credits back from all of you who have so rightfully "fussed" at me for being so slack with the updates !?!  Again, a zillion thanks for writing and caring enough to miss our updates.  We wish we could personally meet each of you, but please know how much you've meant to us throughout this incredible, blessed experience.  You are the greatest and we wish each of you many smiles each and every day, good health and lots of horsin' around time in your lives! 

Sweet Potato's Always Watching!

(NOTE:  The rest of the information below is all the "old stuff")


Sweet "T's" Colt has his very own barn name .... Finally! His formal name as posted earlier is Tesaro De Te Amo  -Spanish for Te Amo's Treasure (Te Amo being Sweet "T's" registered name).  And FINALLY we have a barn name, but first a bit of background (Warning!!  You might want to grab that extra cup of coffee or soda because you know how I ramble on by now!) ........okay here goes...Every time I was at the barn during Sweet "T's" pregnancy, I would lean over and talk to her girth area hoping her little one could hear me just as human babies can hear noise (yes, I looked a bit odd, but what else is new?!).......when Sweet "T" started going in and out of first stage labor  on March 1, I would call the foal-to-be "Silly Willie" for teasing us all so convincingly and SO often....Silly Willie is a term of endearment and fun I've used for years with our wonderful grandkids and all our family pets so it's a very familiar and universal nickname heard around Little Hee Haw Farm.....Then FINALLY our precious colt arrived at 3:15 on Sunday morning, March 12 with a little help from us to assist Sweet "T" in pushing his long, lanky body out into this big, old world.  Very soon after he was born, your emails and calls started pouring in - THANK YOU yet again....and then yet another enthusiastic and excited email - this one from one of Sweet "T's" many wonderful Australian fans (you know who you are L-M!!!) which included this very special sentence...."If it's a colt it should be called "Willie".....Will he be born or won't he??  LOL"   That one really struck our hearts in an extra special way for two reasons...First, during Sweet "T's" numerous start/stops when we were getting emails and calls from around the world alerting us...."Sweet "T's" in hard labor for sure this time!"  we were always wondering after yet another false alarm, "Will he be born tonight, this morning, etc.!?"  Second, I was by habit calling him a "Silly Willie" as we watched him take his first steps, as he look frantically for Mama's "Faucet" and all those other precious, miraculous first moments shared with a spanking brand new foal.....however, we never intended to call him Silly Willie until we received our new Australian friend's email....Nevertheless, we spent the first special week of "No Name's" life  going through every possible name in the book including English, Spanish, Greek, Indian, name-it!! We wanted to get to know his personality and wanted to find something that described what he and all his fellow pasture mates mean to us and how deeply they touch our very spirit, souls and hearts.  We tried endless names on "No Name" in an effort to find that perfect fit....and then we realized, the perfect name for this bubbly, mischievous, oh-so-sweet little colt was there right from the start and in fact, it's a name that's been used affectionately around Little Hee Haw Farm for many years and was just waiting for the right soul to affix to permanently.... and that special little life is Sweet "T's" wonderful and always fun colt, Silly Willie "B" - Silly because...well he is and Willie because before his birth, Sweet "T" fans all around the globe were wondering "Will he be born this time, or tonight, tomorrow?!?" and  Willie "B" because since his birth, we have often said Silly Willie be still, Silly Willie behave, etc!  We ask him to be patient usually when he's nursing...if you've noticed he expects (make that DEMANDS) instant milk flowing at all times and doesn't like working for it...he will yank frantically at his sweet Mom and then bump her with his rear end several times thinking that will get his mama juice flowing's a hoot to watch and Sweet "T" is far more patient that I could ever be with him during those "I want it NOW" moments!  And we're standing there saying, "Silly patient for goodness sakes!"  So that's the story behind his was there long before he was born, recognized by a wonderful Australian Sweet "T" fan and proven to be that perfect fit for his personality.  Thanks to all of you for sending in such wonderful suggestions...we truly loved them all...perhaps we should just have 20 or so more foals so we can use all the names (sure hope Bob isn't reading this!!!) !?!  ......hmmmmm.  So as I've written before but can write with finality now....


(Remember...I warned you to grab that extra cup of coffee or soda!!)

MESSAGE - APRIL 20, 2006

Hello Everyone - It's been a while since my last update of March 23 and hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Spring Season.  As you may know, our cams are not left on 24/7 now, but we are trying to keep them running as often as possible for Sweet "T's" and Silly Willie "B's" faithful friends and visitors.  All is well at Little Hee Haw Farm and Sweet "T" and her incredible Silly Willie "B" are doing great!  Silly Willie is a/k/a Sweet Willie because he is SO very sweet and loving and as Whoopee Willie when he's racing (make that flying!) around the pastures and enjoying himself and life to the fullest.  He's also proving to be a right smart little fellow and so anxious to please.  We can't imagine Little Hee Haw Farm without our Willie and could not ask for a sweeter, more attentive Mom for him than our dear Sweet "T." Thanks for continuing to take an interest in him and wishing each of you a very wonderful day ahead!  A photo taken of Sweet Willie earlier this week is below and a recently taken video has just been put on the following web page: (sorry the quality is not so great - it was shot with a cell phone camera)- as you can see, he is growing!:


MESSAGE - March 23, 2006

Just had to share the message below with you....a dear friend (to us and many, many animals throughout her life) sent it to me today and I only wish I knew who the actual author is so I could personally tell them how their from-the-heart message has touched ours!  Enjoy....


From time to time, people tell me, "lighten up, it's just a horse," or, that's a lot of money for "just a horse".

They don't understand the distance traveled, the time spent, or the costs involved for "just a horse." Some of my proudest moments have come about with "just a horse."

Many hours have passed and my only company was "just a horse," but I did not once feel slighted. Some of my saddest moments have been brought about by "just a horse," and in those days of darkness, the gentle touch of "just a horse" gave me comfort and reason to overcome the day.

If you, too, think it's "just a horse," then you will probably understand phrases like "just a friend," "just a sunrise," or "just a promise."

"Just a horse" brings into my life the very essence of friendship, trust, and pure unbridled joy.

"Just a horse" brings out the compassion and patience that make me a better person.

Because of "just a horse" I will rise early, take long walks and look longingly to the future.

So for me and folks like me, it's not "just a horse" but an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future, the fond memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment.

"Just a horse" brings out what's good in me and diverts my thoughts away from myself and the worries of the day.

I hope that someday they can understand that it's not "just a horse" but the thing that gives me humanity and keeps me from being "just a woman" or "just a man."

So the next time you hear the phrase "just a horse" just smile, because they "just" don't understand JUST A HORSE [end]


UPDATE: 3/16/06 1:00 A.M. (Tesaro De Te Amo)

(A Few Videos now on below!)   I'm about to call it a day, but wanted to say hello to everyone and to apologize for being so LATE in answering all your congratulatory and wonderful emails.  We want to and will answer each of them....thanks too for the great name suggestions, the cute e-cards, etc., etc.....truly Sweet "T" and "no name" have the best fans possible and we are so blessed that you have taken the time out of your busy lives to contact us in such thoughtful ways.  In between catching up on work-related "stuff" and on our sleep, barn chores, etc., we've been spending every possible moment with our precious new addition and that's helping us get very close to a final decision on his name in keeping with Little Hee Haw Farm be announced soon!  I believe, however, I can tell you that his formal registered name will be entered as "Tesaro De Te Amo" which means Te Amo's Treasure (Te Amo is Sweet "T's" registered name).  His antics and expressions are priceless and Sweet "T" is absolutely the best Mom a foal could ever have.  She is so attentive, protective and sweet to him....but occasionally he frustrates the heck out of her and she lets him know it.  We are trying to keep the cameras on most the time and will be adding an outdoors one in the near future as well....that one should give you shots of him in a small part of the pasture sectioned off for him and Sweet "T"...they also get a larger pasture all to themselves at different times during the day (and he LOVES that one even though it is quite steep).  We don't have a camera over there for you just yet...maybe later in the spring.  Once the outdoor camera is installed in the smaller pasture area, you should also be able to see the donkeys and our others horses when they come up to the temporary fencing  -- all of them are going bonkers wanting to meet their new playmate.   Well, talking about catching up on sleep, I'm slipping back into ol' 24 hour watch habits tonight and need to call it quits....wishing each of you a wonderful Thursday and great weekend ahead with lots of smiles and horse hugs!  (P.S. New photos taken on 3/15/06 below, one of which is our Tennessee Walker, "Jessie" who was trying every trick he knew to get over to the other pasture where Sweet "T' and "No Name" were playing - he tried unlocking the round pen latch then actually climbed up two rails of the fencing...we thought for a moment he was coming right on over!) 

  P.S.Website videos can be found at 


UPDATES: 3/13/06 8:00 P.M.

Well, it's been an overwhelming exciting time since the little colt's birth....we're still on cloud 9 and soooooo relieved to have the little one here safely and to know Sweet "T" is okay....and no, we have not officially named him just yet...still working on that one and trying to catch up some more on our rest so more brain cells will be functioning (now that may be wishful thinking!)  Tempting to name him "Finally!" as in a children's book about waiting on a mare to foal....but we are working on some other favorites...still time to send in your recommendations and we appreciate any and all suggestions.  Two of our sons and their families spent a fun Sunday afternoon with us celebrating and picnicking down at the barn with Sweet "T" and "no name"...  Sweet "T" and son are doing great...she is truly an awesome mother, very attentive yet firm when necessary...very loving and just pure Sweet "T" as we'd expect.  We took him on his first walk in the real world today and he loved it...ran all about, kicked up his heels and took in every little thing with the keenest curiosity and enthusiasm.  All nine donkeys huddled together at our round pen gate to watch him and just weren't too sure what to make of this little four legged critter without long ears.   We got a few long-winded hee haws as they watched.   A couple of photos are below taken right after his birth...bear with us as we try to catch up on rest and work "stuff" but we will create a webpage of photos soon and thanks once again for all your congratulatory and thoughtful messages...from your emails all of you seem like pretty wonderful and special folks and you have helped make this wonderful experience in our lives even more special ..Thank You!


And also....below is one of Sweet "T's" Little Hee Haw Farm donkey buddies...Mr. Waffles (the Michael Jordan of Little Hee Haw Farm)  Mr. Waffles is a 5 year old miniature donkey.....he's oh so loving, has a terrific sense of humor, and very savvy at pick-pocketing!)

  and also Miss Patches


UPDATE(QUICKIE): 8:30 p.m. - Sweet "T"'s Birthday - 3/11/06

She still has a few hours in which to have her foal on her birthday....everyone keeping fingers and everything else you can crossed ?!?  Then again she has spent the day celebrating with us and may be too worn out from all her birthday festivities! More updates later but wanted to share a photo of one of Sweet "T's" Little Hee Haw Farm buddies...Mr. Waffles (the Michael Jordan of Little Hee Haw Farm)  Mr. Waffles is a 5 year old miniature donkey.....he's oh so loving, has a terrific sense of humor, and very savvy at pick-pocketing!)

UPDATE: Midnight - Sweet "T's 19th Birthday - 3/11/06!

(To contact, please email: and please put Sweet "T" in subject line)

Good evening/morning to everyone still hanging in there with us and happy weekend!  I was thinking how calm Sweet "T" seems to be during most days and started our gentle, innocent looking Sweet "T" really a drama queen in disguise - one who knows she has us under her 24 hour control plus many loyal fans out there as well who are waiting and watching?  Does she feel it's her job to put on a performance for all of us each know, just enough of a good performance to keep us attentive to her every move, awake and on high alert for her foal?  Just a thought as we all know people drama queens and kings who love to be the center of attention and who are pros at putting on highly dramatic performances, don't we?!  Then again, she could just be trying to hold onto her private "suite" life style (complete w/fulltime maid service I might add).  On a more serious note, it is very difficult to see our sweet gal hurting like this...she has been a brave ol' gal with all this and remains sweet in spite of all her obvious discomfort...a bit more standoffish at times but that's perfectly normal at this point in a mare's pregnancy.  If you've been watching tonight, you know she's been restless again, but as I'm writing this she is pretty relaxed.....Bob thinks 3/11 will be the big day since it's Sweet "T's" birthday....I hope he's absolutely 100% right and that she's not still holding out for that full moon next week.   Many of you (and the two of us) thought the foal might arrive last night...believe me you were in excellent company as several very experienced breeders thought she was as well...we're hearing stories of folks waking their other family members up to see the birth all to find out it's another Sweet "T" start/stop...sorry about the lack of sleep to those who are burning the midnight hours with us...after days of no prolonged sleep we're finding the hardest part of our catnapping life style these days is waking back up after a two to three hour nap....feels a bit like you've been hit with a 2x4 for a while.  If nothing else, it's a good excuse for now for any stupid things we might say or do.  Have a great weekend everyone and thanks once again for being there...we greatly appreciate Sweet "T's" extended internet family of supporters! 

P.S.  RE CAMERAS:   We've received several emails about which camera is on at any given's the situation... As long as we’re up at the house where the computer that controls the webcam is located, I can manually switch cameras back and forth for everyone….once we go down to the barn for the birth we will leave only one camera running on the webcam which will be the one in the area where we think she’s having the foal….we have an automatic setting, for switching between the two cams, however, it would drive viewers crazy because it switches often (every 10 seconds) from camera to camera (and can't be set for longer periods unfortunately).  The birth will most likely happen very suddenly and we will be moving fast (one of us possibly in the midst of coming out of a dead to the world catnap moment!) to get down to the barn if not already there.....I will try my southern gal darndest to make sure the right camera is running for all of you.  And, if technology or our rushed state cause the birth not to be on the webcam for any reason, we hope to have a recording and I will get it posted on our website as soon as I can for everyone. 

UPDATES: 10:00 PM.-3/09/06

Good Evening Sweet "T" supporters....well, another night lies ahead and once again we are wondering "Will it be tonight?!?"  Before I ramble further, several folks have sent us emails and mentioned it took a while to find the right email address...sorry about is buried way down in this scrolling message here it is again: .  Please include Sweet "T's" name in the subject line so we'll know it's from a Sweet "T" supporter...otherwise our spam filter may never set you free!  Your emails mean the world to us and we appreciate your taking the time to let us know you're pulling for Sweet "T" and a little something about your world.  With all the grief and sadness in today's world, how wonderful it is that we can all share smiles together as we celebrate the miracle of foal births via webcams regardless of the geographic miles between our respective homes.......

You will note some changes in Sweet "T's" accommodations this evening...we have re-opened Sweet "T's" stall door so she can go back and forth between the "living room" and "bedroom" of Sweet "T's" private suite.   During the nights, she has been confined to her one stall, but we're going to see how she does with her living room privileges extended through the night....perhaps she might even consider something different like this little thing called foaling in her living room??!  Maybe just maybe!  The blue you see are tarps we have tied down over the temporary corral panels...these are to protect the foal from sticking his/her neck out too far and jerking back too quickly at the risk of a neck injury or worse.  We'd prefer the open corral panels, but think this precaution is worth taking (heard a tragic story many years ago about a young foal breaking its neck this way and never forgot it). 

I have been trying to catch up on work "stuff" today while I had some brain cells functioning...we've both noticed our brain cells are vanishing a bit faster than normal these days with our new sleep patterns...or should I say lack of sleep patterns!  I've also had to keep the ol' knees elevated and iced up a bit more than normal.  They were pretty beat up after a nasty horse "wreck" last June (not one of our horses)...yep, I momentarily forgot the cardinal horsemanship rule of keeping the horse between me and the ground !  Didn't stay on the runaway steer roping horse (please note I'm a non-steer roping Grandmamma!), but instead I succeeded in making an ungraceful aerial flight for quite some distance before crashing head first and rolling a few (just as ungraceful) times before finally coming to rest.  Needless to say, the ol' body just doesn't bounce like it used to and the ol' knees will never be the same, but no complaints from this ol' fact I'm the luckiest gal in the world not to have suffered a broken neck or worse...another reason Sweet "T" and I are a match made in heaven...with my knees and her weak back legs, we are great strolling buddies and will be wonderful for each other when I'm able to ride again (this Spring I am hoping!) and she is ready to get back under saddle.  I can't wait!

One of our new email friends suggested today that the "T" in Sweet "T" must stand for Sweet "Teaser" !!  Starting to think she may be right!   Also, we're learning of  some great riding community websites that we never knew existed (;; and ).

If you've hung in there with this long update, you deserve a medal for your stamina and patience!  Hope everyone has a fun weekend ahead and hopefully we can all be chatting about the arrival of Sweet "T's" healthy foal soon!   My parting thought for the evening and a little saying that's written on a simple little plaque in our home ever since we got married many moons ago.. ....."Don't try to understand me, just love me."  Probably what Sweet "T" would say to all of us right now if she could along with sending each of you a barn full of nickers meaning "Thank You for caring!"  Night all...

UPDATES: 3:30 A.M.-3/09/06

It's my turn "on watch" and Bob's turn to catnap.   Sweet "T" is having a pretty quiet night so far - definitely having some discomfort but as many of you know, there have been far worse nights for her during the past week.  Her shape (as some of you noticed on the cam) definitely seemed to change again tonight...we know the baby has been in birth position since at least last Saturday when the vet checked Sweet "T."  Perhaps it just twisted into a better , final angle for the birth and is close to making his/her great escape - we can only hope!  Then again, perhaps Sweet "T" is holding out for (1) her birthday this coming Saturday or (2) for the full moon around the 14th or (3) for warmer weather!   Your emails keep coming and each and everyone touches our hearts as much as the very first one did.  Wishing you a wonderful day ahead!

UPDATES: 7:30 A.M.-3/07/06

A few updates ago, I mentioned John Lennon's old quote recently..."Life is what happens when we have other plans!"  That little quip is proven true to us almost on a daily basis.  And we all know the truth behind "a watched pot never boils..." All of you experienced breeders know what Bob and I have now learned during our first-ever foaling watch -- that a watched horse never foals!  In all seriousness, we are of course keeping a 24 hour watch on our sweet gal via our in-house monitors and endless hanging out around the ol' barn.  We do not, however, go any where near her when she looks like she is starting fact, we do not go into the barn until she has been back on her feet and acting "normal" for at least a good 20 or 30 minutes.  As one supporter joked...maybe the traditional rule of not interrupting a horse in first stage labor does not work for Sweet "T" - she said maybe we are being too quiet and need to strike up the band!  She may have a point there!  :-)

Our vet consulted with another vet yesterday (with almost 30 years of specialty experience with foaling) regarding Sweet "T's" many stop/starts with what appeared to be first stage labor and extreme discomfort for her.  Fortunately, they are in agreement that Sweet "T" is in no danger, will soon foal (in her own sweet time of course) and should be able to do so naturally barring no unforeseen emergencies of course. 

Now where to I start in trying to THANK YOU all of you for your incredible emails of support and the growing number of Sweet "T" fan clubs in the U.S. and abroad.  At the risk of sounding too "warm and fuzzy" to some folks, I nevertheless must publicly say that you have each and everyone touched our hearts forever.  I don't want to mention your names on this very public page without your permission to do so but I will say:  Thank you to all our family, good friends and INDIVIDUAL SUPPORTERS of all ages and from all over who have taken time out of your busy lives to send us such thoughtful messages of support, great tips, smiles and well wishes - there are too many states to mention but to name a few -  ALABAMA, ARKANSAS CALIFORNIA,  INDIANA, MASSACHUSETTS, MICHIGAN, NORTH CAROLINA, NEW YORK, SOUTH CAROLINA, TENNESSEE, TEXAS, VIRGINIA, WASHINGTON, , etc! - Then there are Sweet T" fan clubs such as in AUSTRALIA, BELGIUM, ENGLAND, SCOTLAND,  CANADA , THE NETHERLANDS and...Sweet "T's" honorary membership in the BOJANGLES BREAKFAST CLUB, THE CHARLOTTE, NC CYPRESS VILLAGE SWEET "T" FAN CLUB, THE CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA FAN CLUB and all the TEACHERS in Australia and elsewhere who are allowing their students time to check on Sweet "T" during the school day and all the students who care enough about our special gal to help us keep a watchful eye on her.  I am getting a bit behind in trying to reply to everyone to personally thank each of you due to office "to do's," catnapping and our 24 hour watch status. 

Please keep your messages coming and thank you for the tips, smiles, laughter and incredible support.  We are pretty private folks normally and the webcam has been a whole new experience for us.  We love sharing Litte Hee Haw Farm with our family and friends, but since we are not breeders and don't show our horses or donkeys, we never in our wildest imaginations thought that Little Hee Haw Farm would be on a webcam and blessing our lives with so many new friends from around the world.   It was originally set up so our faraway family and friends could share these moments with us....little did we know how many "friends" and Sweet "T" fans were out there.  We feel so blessed to have her and all of your support and to experience the miracle of birth with this dear, gentle horse.  She is the kind of horse you can't help but love whether you are a horse person or not. 

Wishing each of you a great day ahead (or night for many of you) and one final thought - Remember to never criticize anyone until you have walked a mile in their shoes...that way you will be a mile away if they react angrily AND you will have their shoes.  Happy Day All!

6:00 A.M.-3/06/06

Good Morning & Happy Monday to All:  Sweet "T" has had a quiet night...starting to think she's holding out for her birthday on Saturday...doesn't matter to us as long as she and baby are okay and we can keep enough toothpicks on hand for the eye-propping!  One writer asked how we know the baby is so close....I assure you Bob and I have NO idea - this is our first foal and we can only go by what several folks far more experienced than us predict...based on their many years of breeding, Sweet T's physical signs and the recent vet check (on 3/4),  their prediction is that Sweet "T" is apparently very close to delivering...we all know, however, that only a power far greater than us and ol' mama nature know for sure!   Wishing everyone a great week ahead and thanks again for your thoughts and prayers!  As one loyal Sweet "T" fan and I recently joked...Sweet "T' is taking her own sweet time and that's okay by us!!


Well as many of you know, we went through another round last night of start/stop labor and now this afternoon, she's back in the same pattern....several physical changes today, however, have our hopes up that she can do this naturally and hopefully VERY soon.  Two thoughts for you this afternoon before I get back down to the horse barn:  FIRST:  I've been trying different music out in the barn to see if it could help us get this show on the road....Chicago CD didn't do, Rod Stewart didn't, etc.....Help!  What are your suggestions?!? The Twist perhaps for those of you who remember those wonderful days?! SECOND:  Do you agree with us that if Sweet "T" finally has this little one today that she has earned the Oscar of Oscars for her brave performances this last week!?!  We should throw in a hero's medal ,too, because she has truly been a real trooper.  She also took the time today to stand guard over me when I snuck in a nap on two hay bales this morning...Bob said she never left my side.  True buddy, eh?!  Okay, got to go get more toothpicks for propping up the ol' eyes....Maybe just maybe this afternoon will be it.  Thanks again to all of Sweet "T's" fans from literally all over the world who have contacted us with such thoughtful emails and calls.  We've also learned she's the honorary member of several clubs including a down east NC Bojangles breakfast club - she is honored and proud to be a member!  Smiles to all!

Noon Update - 3/04/06

Due to Sweet "T's" prolonged (since Wed. a.m.) stop/start labor, our vet decided to come over to check Sweet "T" this a.m. just to make sure all was okay.  Based on his examination, the baby is alive and still as active as ever, in birth position and VERY close geographically to our world!  He will be checking with us again tomorrow and if her foal has not come by then, he will be re-evaluating what, if anything, further needs to be done.  As many of you know, when she's had her rough moments, they have been difficult for her....on the other hand, she has very calm, happy extended periods of relaxation as well.  And during those relaxing times, she eats as much as ever and her disposition is great.   

UPDATES - 3/04/06  Well, it's 12:30 a.m. now and it's my turn on watch duty.  Sweet "T" has been having off and on mild contractions since early on March 1.  Many of us thought for sure she was going to have the foal last night but then everything stopped just as quickly as it began.  Her former owners of Destiny Farms Paso Finos saw what was happening on the webcam and once again came over without being asked.  They stayed the entire night helping us keep an eye on her.  We enjoyed a lot of good laughs together, took turns catnapping but as you all know, no baby ever made its grand entrance.  We also appreciate those of you who have been burning the midnight oil with us watching Sweet "T" via the cam during the wee hours.  Many of you have left phone messages and taken the time to send emails of support.  Each and every phone call and email has meant so much and we thank you.   We are definitely sleep deprived (and look it!) at Little Hee Haw Farm, but so very excited and most thankful that the ol' adrenalin hasn't stopped pumping!  Hopefully Sweet "T's" precious little one will arrive soon safe and sound...thanks for hanging in there with us!

UPDATES - 3/02/06

Hello & Good Morning to all - we are on low foal alert officially since about 5:00 this morning, but Sweet "T" really started showing signs of impending labor early yesterday.  I've monitored her all night and Sweet "T's" had some long quiet spells along with some increasingly antsy ones.  Bob got a few hours of some good shut-eye so I'll probably try to nap in the barn whenever I can in between the activities of the day (I can just hear all you ol' pros laughing at those plans!).  That reminds me of one of my favorite John Lennon quotes..."Life is what happens when we have other plans."

Many thanks to all of you who have either emailed or called over the past twenty-four hours and last several weeks.  Just knowing how many of you are pulling for Sweet T and her foal has given us so much support and lots of smiles and you have certainly touched our hearts.   Sweet T's former owners have been great too (as always).  When they thought she was in labor very early yesterday morning (after monitoring her on the webcam for several hours), they came right over of their own choosing.  Their support, invaluable guidance and caring have meant so much to us and Sweet "T."  They also had a foal born this week (he is gorgeous!) and they invited me over the day he was born so that I could learn some hands-on new foal tips.....words cannot describe how educational and helpful that was to me.   That's it for this morning...hopefully, we'll have some wonderful new foal news soon.  Wishing everyone a great day ahead.

UPDATES - 2/28/06

Sweet "T" is stubbornly holding on to her little one in spite of a growing number of signs that the birth could occur at any time.  Up close, she appears ready to explode and implode and it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to get back up after lying down for a while.    The foal's activity level is about the same - - active!  We've enlarged Sweet "T's"  indoor stall area from 12 x 12 to approximately 12 x 24 (a/k/a Sweet "T's" Suite) so her foal will have plenty of romping room in which to entertain us all whenever they are inside.  

UPDATES - Feb. 24, 2006
  • Sweet "T" continues to show signs that her little one will arrive sooner rather than later which agrees with her former owners' predictions.  Up close, she appears ready to explode and implode.  On the other hand, there have been no extremely prolonged spells of anxiousness - just short bursts of restlessness, biting at her stomach and some pawing.  The little one is quite active especially right after I've taken Sweet "T" for a stroll.  Its kicks are getting more and more uncomfortable for Sweet "T," but with her sweet and gentle disposition, she takes most of the sudden, strong punches quite gracefully.

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     Sweet "T's" Fan Clubs include a growing number of youngsters (Smiles & Hello Molly Addison, Hudson, Lucy, Robert, Andrew, Rebecca in Australia and Jessica in NC, etc!!!!) to the young at heart.  We are thrilled to share our Little Hee Haw smiles with all of you and your interest and caring mean a great deal to us.  Now where to I start in trying to THANK YOU all of you for your incredible emails of support and the growing number of Sweet "T" fan clubs in the U.S. and abroad - you have touched our hearts forever.  I don't want to mention your names on this very public page without your permission to do so but I will say:  Thank you to all our family, good friends and INDIVIDUAL SUPPORTERS of all ages and from all over who have taken time out of your busy lives to send us such thoughtful messages of support, great tips, smiles and well wishes - there are too many states to mention but to name a few -  ALABAMA, ARKANSAS CALIFORNIA, HAWAII, INDIANA, MASSACHUSETTS, MICHIGAN, MISSOURI, NORTH CAROLINA, NEW YORK, SOUTH CAROLINA, TENNESSEE, TEXAS, VIRGINIA, WASHINGTON, , etc! - Then there are Sweet T" fan clubs such as in AUSTRALIA, BELGIUM, ENGLAND, SCOTLAND,  CANADA , THE NETHERLANDS and...Sweet "T's" honorary membership in the BOJANGLE'S BREAKFAST CLUB, THE CHARLOTTE, NC CYPRESS VILLAGE SWEET "T" FAN CLUB, THE CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA FAN CLUB and all the TEACHERS in Australia and elsewhere who are allowing their students time to check on Sweet "T" and Silly Willie "B" during the school day.  I stay a bit behind in trying to personally thank each of you for your emails and good wishes, but I will write back and know in the meantime how appreciated your support and caring are to us!

    Sweet "T's" & Silly Willie "B's" Pasture and Barn Buddies include our other horses Nikki (25), Jessie (12) and Velvet (9) and our 9 donkeys, 7 of which are miniatures: Mr. Waffles, Miz Star, Patches, Jazz, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Mama Eleanor, Jerry and Miss Emma.  And there's more to our menagerie...the dogs - Rusty and Maggie (Greater Swiss Mtn. dogs) and Chester (Golden Retriever) and last, but definitely not tough cat, "Buttercup."  The entire gang is keenly aware that there is a new addition at Little Hee Haw Farm and we can't wait until they can all be turned out together.

    Live Video Connection Problems??  If you ever have problems connecting to the live video webpage, just go back to and click "OPTION #2" - the link to our original cam.... photos (not video but live shots) of Sweet "T" which are refreshed every 10 seconds.

    Thanks again to all of you who have either emailed or called to check on Sweet "T."  We were told by veteran webcam folks that we would forget the camera is rolling when in her right they were.  Unless someone calls for us to wave to them, we usually get involved with whatever we're doing and forget we may very well have "visitors!"  So beware and just get a good laugh from however silly we may look or our glamorous barn attire!   And, oh yes, one more very important note about webcams...they add at least  10 to 30 pounds to every woman on the cam...not men, just women...amazing, isn't it !?!


    Hope everyone is enjoying a great week and thank you again for caring enough to visit this exciting part of our lives and world at Little Hee Haw Farm. We are enjoying this special time with a new colt to the fullest and it is our honor to share it with those of you who care enough to "visit" us from time to time.  Wishing you days full of smiles and please come back soon!
    With our Happiest Neighs & Heehaws,
    Nancy & Bob