Coaching & Writing

Please go to the Office Resources tab on top menu and click on NBJ's Library for access to some of her writings covering a wide range of topics.


Want to hire Nancy to brainstorm solutions with you regarding how to create simple action plans for achieving your personal or professional goals? Help resolve partner disputes or low office morale? Perhaps it's time to take a renewed look at the leadership and management of your law firm or small business.  

Perhaps you are a law firm client or soon will be.  If so, would you like to discuss client rights, client responsibility and other productive ways to work with attorneys, their staff members and our legal system (e.g. how to hold onto your sanity in unfamiliar territory!)?  

Nancy can also help you find creative ways to handle the good and bad stresses life throws at us in and out of our offices.  This might includes a little (or a lot) of brainstorming about big career decisions or exploring constructive ways to stop procrastinating, roll up our sleeves and reach our goals.

Have an issue to resolve, want to get some conflict resolution tips or find doable solutions for other challenging life situations?  Schedule a call with Nancy to get this ball rolling and let her help you work toward solutions and to explore other appropriate resources that may be of benefit to you.


Please go to the Office Resources tab on top menu and click on NBJ's Library for access to some of her writings covering a wide range of topics.


Nancy has previously written regular columns for legal and other publications and has been published extensively nationwide by bar associations and others. Is writing "stuff" not your thing? Well, why not save time, stress and the agony of drafting by letting a resourceful and experienced writer help you reach your goals? The right writer (and Nancy would welcome the opportunity to be that person for you!) can create a multitude of written materials for you and your business.

As a starter list this includes:

  • Correspondence
  • Marketing materials
  • Client and customer newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Autobiographies
  • Resumes
  • Product descriptions
  • Reports
  • Blogs
  • Articles

While Nancy is a widely published author in the law practice management field  nationwide and abroad, her skills are not confined within the world of law offices and attorneys. She always welcomes the opportunities to work and write within a wide variety of fields.  

So if your plate’s chronically overflowing, you are needing a bit of help within any of theses areas or you just want some fresh ideas and guidance, consider touching base with Nancy.  And, please know that like with her coaching, consulting and writing services, if she can’t help you due to a full schedule or issues outside of her experience and expertise , Nancy will be the first to tell you that.  And -- she will do her best to help point you in the right direction. 

Ask yourself, do you need a professional coach, consultant, conflict resolver/mediator or writer with down-to-earth communication skills and years of hard core, invaluable experience? Book an Initial Consulting Call now.

Book a call or email Nancy to discuss how she can help you or your business work toward (and reach!) successful conclusions – to create those success stories that last.

Let her help you and your employees get big and small jobs done, reach your goals, write in your voice and to do it all with your vision woven throughout her work.