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  • Nancy Byerly Jones, the founder of NBJ Consulting & Resolutions,℠ is an attorney and a certified superior court and family financial mediator.  She is also an enthusiastic certified vegan coach and life style instructor and a volunteer coach for Healthy World Vitality Plan.
  • Since 1997 NBJ Consulting & Resolutions has served law firms nationwide with a primary focus on strategic planning solutions, risk management consulting, continuing education, leadership and management training.  The firm's primary services have been expanded to include Nancy's coaching and mentoring of clients who are ready to discover (or rediscover!) and, more importantly, to sustain their best health and vitality life styles.  
  • So! Need help with creating a customized and realistic vitality plan for living your best and healthiest life?  Or, are you searching for assistance with workplace challenges and solutions?  For either, NBJ Consulting is ready to explore your options and to help you turn your goals into reality -- vs. a mere (and unsustainable) cookie cutter fix.
  •  Connect with Nancy today to find a time in the very near future to confidentially explore all your options.  
  • Office, risk and stress management and leadership articles. 
  • Self audits, checklists & more
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  • Recipes & suggestions

Discovering even a few delicious plant based meals is a great way to spice up your days (believe me - it's not all salad!). Explore. Enjoy!

  • Stand up
  • Take a deep breath and Strrrreeetchhh
  • Step outside even if briefly
  • Give yourself a smile break

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What they say...


President/Thompson Dove Law Group, LLC

Meeting Nancy Byerly Jones, retaining her services and listening to her advice, has helped to transform my law practice.

I have been practicing law for 30 years but realized that some of my practices were becoming antiquated and I needed to freshen up my processes and needed a sounding board to make those decisions. Nancy came into my law firm, interviewed my staff, listened to me, and was giving vitally important advice on day one. I didnt always like to hear it – but I needed to.

Over the next two years, I effectively cut overhead, and implemented a variety of internal law firm practices. Over time, I became more productive, efficient, and profitable, but more importantly, Nancy Jones lowered the stress of law practice.

Nancy Byerly Jones will not come into your law firm with pixie dust or a magic wand. And, she requires consistent commitment from the attorney her model is definitely a collaborative one. But if you are like me and you realize that change is necessary, retaining NBJ Consulting is an excellent decision.

Emery Barker

Partner/Mesch, Clark& Rothschild

Nancy...I would be happy to recommend you to anyone. Don't hesitate to use me as a reference. I've heard everybody from Hildebrant to Altman Weil and you do the best job of anyone.

Who Is NBJ?

A holistic and down to earth style attorney, mediator, writer and consultant who is dedicated to finding the right solutions for each client's needs.  A grateful gal living on a mountainside farm with her best friend and husband along with their little zoo of donkeys, horses, dogs and cats. A grateful and blessed Mom and Grandmama.  A vegan since 2017 who enjoys her growing knowledge of a plant based life style.  A gal who appreciates the huge difference that smiles, kindnesses and laughter filled breaks can make in our 90 mph days and challenging lives. Your founder and host of this website and who greatly appreciates your visiting NBJConsulting.com!


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