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This is where I'll be posting all sorts of things about a plant-based life style including tips, recipes and various individuals' vegan stories. Welcome!

As background, I went totally vegan in 2017 and it's one of the best decisions of my life. My only regret is that I did not do it many, many years sooner. For starters, my cholesterol dropped 132 points in just a few months (that's a HUGE WOW for a formerly super high cholesterol kind of gal! There were many other benefits that I felt pretty quickly including: increased body strength; a big energy boost along with a simultaneous calming feeling mentally and physically; and a new found joy with exploring recipes, cooking and baking.

The initial journey was and is still somewhat time-consuming , but it has brought lots of delicious and new meals into our lives coupled with the fun of discovering and creating each one. Before going vegan, I pretty much considered cooking a necessity - I didn't mind it at all,  but it never energized me like this vegan adventure has done and it was never near as fun baking and cooking as it is now.??‍?

Thanks for checking in and please be assured that I totally get that going vegan is not for everyone. More and more folks,however, are leaning into it as suggested by one great vegan author, Kathy Freston( I consider her book, Clean Protein, a must read for all of us who are vegan, thinking about it or just wanting to check out a reliable and trusted source on the subject.

And if you can't wait for a great place to start for fantastic vegan recipes, check out - one of my top favorite of favorites because every recipe I've tried of hers has been a huge hit in our household. Her additional tips and suggestions are also most helpful and appreciated. I will be sharing plenty more about both of these down to earth and amazing women in future posts.

So, whether you are a full pledged vegan or just trying it out a bit here and there, I hope you find some good "stuff" here. Thanks for stopping by and please send me your favorite plant-base links, vegan recipes and all suggestions for how this section can be most helpful to visitors. 

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