Guest Post Guidelines

I've gotten a few inquiries from folks who want to know if I accept guest posts on and if so, what are the guidelines. I figured that it would be easier to post the guidelines and just refer every one here.

So the answer to the first question is: Yes, I do accept and greatly appreciate the submission of prospective guest posts. I don't currently have a set schedule for publishing those. I do feel, however, that new perspectives are something of value, so I hope to be offering many guest posts to my readers.

Below you will find all the details about this flexible and evolving process.

What kind of content do you accept?

Anything that is helpful (office-wise or for our personal lives) or anything that is just for pure fun for our readers is good content for a guest post. It can be related to subject matters I have included already in or other topics of interest to you. It can also be pulled from your own personal experiences including lessons learned. 

There is no minimum length for your post, but usually the guest posts have over 500 words.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Your post must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet. This means a re-purposed, rewritten article will simply not do. Ever.
  • You agree to not publish the post anywhere else.
  • Guest posts must be related to this blog's or related contents or about a pre-approved different topic. If in doubt, thumb through the content already here. In a nutshell, nbjconsulting is an evolving journey for me and all my appreciated visitors. Currently, however, it revolves around sharing personal and workplace tips, a diversity of topics of interest and LOTS of smiles.
  • Make sure you have have spell-checked, grammar-checked and proof read the article before submission.
  • You can include up to 2 links in the byline at the bottom of the post. Links you include can not be direct affiliate links.
  • You can use SEO’d anchor text for your links, but please be reasonable.
  • Content must be to the quality standards found here already.
  • If you have already submitted a post and will be submitting another one, I will be favorably inclined to take future posts if I can see that you have replied to any comments (and which I will review before publication).  Or, perhaps you promoted the post in your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts. If your blog posts attract blog visitors' constructive and positive comments, that, will also be helpful in considering any future posts you may submit for approval.  Thanks again and I very much look forward to working with you and including your creations on

How do I submit my guest post?

If you have a post that meets the guidelines above, please submit it below. Some HTML is allowed, though please keep to a minimum and be responsible.

  • Author Information

  • Enter the URL where you want your name to link to
  • Enter the URL where you want the keyword you select to link to.
  • This is the word I will link to within your bio, so ensure it's present.
  • Enter the text you want to appear in the author bio box.
  • Article Information

  • What's the main "theme" of the article?
  • Clean format, no HTML, clear subheadings and bullet points.
  • Optional. You must own the rights to use this image.

Usually within 10 days, I will reply stating if I will accept a guest post or not. If I reject your post, I will let you know my reasons for having to do so. You can then revise and resubmit and, of course, you are obviously free to use it in your own blog or to propose it as a guest post to other websites.

Sample Author Bio Box

To give you an idea how your bio will be displayed, I am including a sample below. If you prefer, you can email me a photo, or provide a link to an online version of your image, and I will replace the general image with yours. FYI, the image can have it’s own link, just place the URL on a line by itself. (Yep, that’s 3 inbound links for good content)

Article Contribution by Jane Doe

This is a guest post from Jane Doe who writes for SEO Marketing. She contributes articles about a variety of marketing, business, stock market, small business topics. She can be contacted at: jane.doe @