A man, quite drunk, at a party signals for the hostess. As she approaches the man he belches, hicks, and asks if her lemons have legs on them. The hostess, astounded, replies curtly that, “no her lemons don’t have legs on them” and walks away in a huff.

Perplexed, the man returns to sipping his drink. A little later he eyes the hostess again. He motions for her to come over to him. Flustered, she walks up to him, asking “what is it this time?” As the man lets out a loud yet controlled hick and belch he asks her again if her lemons have legs on them. She again replies no and storms off.

After another attempt by the drunk man to find out if there’s legs on the lemons the hostess threatens to have him hauled off by the police.

The man, finding an instant of clarity, said in a drunken drawl …..”If you’re sure your lemons don’t have legs on them, then I must’ve squeezed your canary in my drink!”

About the author 

Nancy Byerly Jones

Nancy Byerly Jones and her husband reside on their mountainside ranch (“Little Hee Haw Farm”) with an energetic “family” of horses, donkeys (large and miniature), dogs and cats. Their favorite pastime is sharing the joy and fun of their animals and ranch life with their family, friends and clients.

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