An interesting tweet was posted on July 13 by @HarvardBix about an article entitled "Make Yourself Immune to Secondhand Stress." 

Written by Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan, it does a good job articulating the why's behind something we already know and experience most every day ---- How another person's mood usually positively or negatively impacts our emotions and sometimes our entire day.  Notice, too, how this very contagious mood "virus" is even more likely to infect us if it's someone we know well or have experienced good or bad times with previously.

With the pandemic having deeply rooted itself into our world and lives, it seems, it's more important than ever to acknowledge, protect and boost our emotional well being.  And, we need to be doing so as faithfully as we care for our physical wellness through exercise, adequate rest and diets.  If we're slacking off in any of these important self-care areas, shame on us.  Whether our self-neglect is due to our busy days, stress or whatever, I'd nevertheless suggest there's never been a better time to MAKE the time to nurture ourselves with wise and consistent physical, mental and emotional care - the payoff benefits us and everyone who is around us.

You can find the article by clicking here and if you choose to do so, please let me know what you think about its suggestions for boosting our emotional immunity.  What would you disagree with or add to its list?

Inoculate yourself before going into work or stressful environments. For example, before we start our morning, the very first thing we do is think of three things we are grateful for that day. In this TED talk, you will learn the five positive psychology habits that help inoculate your brain against the negative mindsets of others: 1)writing a 2-minute email praising someone you know; 2) writing down three things for which you’re grateful; 3) journaling about a positive experience for two minutes; 4) doing cardio exercise for 30 minutes; or 5) meditating for just two minutes."

Harvard Business Review

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