Yesterday is a canceled check; tomorrow is but a promissory note. Today…it’s the only cash we have so we’d best spend it wisely!

Wag More. Bark less.

Never miss a good opportunity to just shut the heck up!

The bee is such a busy soul…there is no time for birth control.  And that is why in times like these, there are so many Sons of Bees!

Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves for they shall be forever amused!

And finally…take time out to play this week in spite of all the legitimate reasons you may have for being too busy…love watching our 4-legged family members at play (see recent post of 2 of our geldings below..they didn’t let a little snow stop them from a fun romp outside)

Have a great week everyone!

With smiles from my neck of the woods to yours,


About the author 

Nancy Byerly Jones

Nancy Byerly Jones and her husband reside on their mountainside ranch (“Little Hee Haw Farm”) with an energetic “family” of horses, donkeys (large and miniature), dogs and cats. Their favorite pastime is sharing the joy and fun of their animals and ranch life with their family, friends and clients.

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