The Tibetan Rites have long been referred to as the fountain of youth by those who have been doing these five Tibetan Buddhist-inspired exercise movements for a long time.  Why the fountain of youth?  There are soooo many reasons claimed by long time Tibetan Rite practioners and believers --- such as those listed below.   The parenthetical comments in this partial benefits list reflect my personal experience since doing all five rites daily 21 times each since the end of 2022.  

  • gray haired folks seeing new hair growing in as original color (not seeing this one yet🥴, but not seeing much new gray either sooooo???)
  • losing weight (possibly, but I had already reached my goal weight in 2022)
  • increased muscular strength (Absolutely positutely!💪)
  • overall movement improvement (Yes, yes, yes!)
  • vision improvement (Sure hope so as I have two progressive eye diseases, but got "holding stable" report last year's when the annual scans and other tests were done....hoping for same kind of reports -- or better -- after the next round of tests this year.🙏)
  • increased energy (A BIG and grateful "Yes" here too!)
  • positive emotional impact (I've always been a pretty positive ol' gal, but sure the Tibetan Rites enhance my outlook on things in a good way......I always feel refreshed and uplifted after doing them...which takes me less than 15 minutes to calmly, unhurriedly do 21 of each of the 5)
  • improved memories (Sure hope so!)
  • overall renewed feeling of aliveness all day long (Yes!)
  • and .... the list goes on and on!

I stumbled upon the Rites late in 2022 on YouTube and the more I researched and learned, the more intrigued and interested  became.  I began doing all 5 of the exercises in the latter days of December of that year and have done them daily since (never reluctantly by the way - I love doing them!).  

It took me about 6 weeks to work up to doing 21 each and would have taken longer if I had not been exercising much before starting them,  I am, however, a very active ol' gal who walks 3+ miles, enjoys daily indoor rowing, does light to moderate Yoga each day and I do light strength training 3 days each week.  Long way of saying, do NOT push it...listen to your body....slooooowly work up to doing 21 each. 

While I am glad to talk with anyone about the history or the "doing" of the Rites and/or to answer questions left in the comments below, for now I will just list several titles/names to click for their links and a few books you can check out to learn more:

FINAL CRITICAL NOTE!  Please make sure you heed all the warnings to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and to GO SLOW as you build up your muscles, strength and stamina for each of the exercises.  Usually, the recommendation is to start with 3 of each and then each week (yes, week...not each day!), add 2 more.  And, yep, it takes a while to work safely up to doing 21 each, but it's worth the patience and definitely worth avoiding injuries because of our impatience!   

And if under a doctor's care, please check with them before doing any new exercise program.  When it comes to any new exercise, common sense, wise choices and patience are essential elements.  

And, if you decide the Tibetan Rites are worth a go and are able to safely (and patiently!) add them to your days, I truly think you will learn to love this little routine as I have.  But! Are the Tibetan Rites really our Fountain of Youth??  Will we look younger or live longer???  Who the heck knows, but! We are enhancing the quality of how we feel in the living of each day and what a gift that is to ourselves --- plus we are the only person who can give us that gift, right?!

Thanks for visiting and please come back soon.🌻

About the author 

Nancy Byerly Jones

Nancy Byerly Jones and her husband reside on their mountainside ranch (“Little Hee Haw Farm”) with an energetic “family” of horses, donkeys (large and miniature), dogs and cats. Their favorite pastime is sharing the joy and fun of their animals and ranch life with their family, friends and clients.

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