Vacation policies and management’s attitudes toward employee vacations, personal or sick leave say everything about an office’s morale, culture and quality of leadership.

Click here for my Lawyers USA column on this subject….written originally in 2002, but still so very true and relevant in today’s business climate. 

Bottom line…atttorneys, business owners, managers, and  employees who keep a healthy balance between work and office are the BEST employees – whether they are the senior top dog or the newest hire at the bottom of the totem pole — the better we take care of ourselves, the better our quality of work product (and attitudes!).  

And, please let me know your thoughts on this critical subject.

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Nancy Byerly Jones

Nancy Byerly Jones and her husband reside on their mountainside ranch (“Little Hee Haw Farm”) with an energetic “family” of horses, donkeys (large and miniature), dogs and cats. Their favorite pastime is sharing the joy and fun of their animals and ranch life with their family, friends and clients.

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