October 3

Tibetan Rites Tips and Demo Videos with Grandmama Nance

Video Table of Contents

00:00 Slides and Medical Disclaimer

00:29 Intro from Nancy Byerly Jones

12:28 Exercise 1 - Spin / Rotation

15:11 Exercise 2 - Leg Lift

20:36 Exercise 3 - Camel

25:24 Exercise 4 - Tabletop

32:52 Exercise 5 - Ebb and Flow

It took a very looooong time for me to get the courage to create and share videos on my actually doing the Tibetan Rites. But! Enough folks requested these so I finally swallowed my pride (and fears!) and created the two obviously "homemade" videos (one above and the one below).  I ask, however, that before checking them out, that you please read the rest of this post below.

The video entitled, "Tibetan Rites with Grandmama Nance / The 5 Exercise Movements with Tips" is fairly lengthy.  This is because they were created for a variety of folks wanting me to do a Tibetan Rites coaching video for beginners.  Another motivating reason was to offer these for use as needed by members within the wonderful nonprofit where I am a volunteer coach -- Healthy World Vitality Plan (hwvitality.com).  
If you are short on time, there are chapter markers in both videos identified by their Exercise numbers so you can jump around as you prefer when viewing and learning.

Video Table of Contents

00:00 Slides and Medical Disclaimer

00:27 Intro from Nancy Byerly Jones

03:28 Exercise 1 - Spin / Rotation

06:01 Exercise 2 - Leg Lift

08:41 Exercise 3 - Camel

12:01 Exercise 4 - Tabletop

14:57 Exercise 5 - Ebb and Flow

The other video above includes a 3 minute intro portion and then the silent (Yahooo for a no-talking portion, right?!) demo of my entire daily Tibetan Rites routine (21 each of the five rites/exercises).  

Please note, the non-stop demo also includes various yoga type stretches I do between some of the exercises.  These stretches are not a traditional part of the Tibetan Rites, but rather are ones that have evolved naturally for me and just feel good between certain exercises.

That's it (another Yahooo!)- Thanks for sharing a part of your day on NBJConsulting.com and for reading this entire post.  I so hope you continue your exploration and study of the Tibetan Rites - they are indeed a gift that keeps on giving and absolutely life changing!🌻

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